A gentle tearing
A sound so delicate
It slips in replacing the silence
So carefully
No louder than the quiet that came before

Slowly awareness comes
No longer empty air
Filled with a single simple note
Never quavering
The note alone is a symphony

Gradually you awaken
Wrapped in the vibration
Riding the glissando
From the depths of solitude
To the high peaks of oneness

The sound is in you
Expanding ever outward
From the shelf your perception sets upon
Filling the world
You cells dance as one with the universe

It’s feels so simple
Just a thing that is
Our eyes see many sources
A storm of fingers
But our eyes deceive

Our ears strain
Trying to pick out individual pieces
Familiar sounds we can tie to each body
But the alchemists on the stage haven’t made a mixture
The pieces broke apart and bonded together into something more than it’s parts

Together they sing the song of the universe
Not the whole song
Only a piece
But even a tiny fragment of the endless everything
Feels like our soul found home

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