Phil’s Poetry

I’ve always told stories of the events or experiences in my life that have opened up forms of art to my understanding. I’ve set them down below, to see how painting, classical music, and sculpture were brought to life for me. But through all this, I always maintained that I had no understanding of Poetry. My mind was polluted by expectations of meter and patterns, making the words feel dead on the page. But, in her infinite wisdom, shortly into our friendship Natasha declared “There is a writer inside you”. Of course I insisted she was wrong.

Well, in what should never come as a surprise to anyone anymore, I don’t know anything. One night I woke up and felt like I had something to put down in words. My first poem came out then. Since that time more have come, and along with a great sense of healing I also came to learn that Natasha was right.

“The Large Plane Trees” by Vincent Van Gogh


“Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis” performed at Carnegie Hall

“Caryatid Under Her Stone” by Rodin

Fallen Caryatid.jpeg

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