Like a child gazing at their parents
We feel called to look upwards
The sky always holds brilliance
Be it points of light, burning the past across the universe
Or the empty brilliant blue

In the day, Sol stands above all
Bringing us heat, light, and life
But just as children, the most important time to look up is in fear or uncertainty
And there our stalwart companion stands

In the dark, where things are unknown
In the night, when we are most vulnerable
Our hope shines back
Assuring us the sun still shines, reflecting its brilliance back

Whether in full, or a mere sliver
She always offers us all she has
She teaches us, that it’s enough
That nothing is lost, if it can’t shine tonight

So what then, of the eclipse
When our own shadow blocks her from light
What does she show us, when she has all, but we get in the way?
She reflects ourselves

From brilliant white,
Covered with black,
Yet not, there is something more
Red, color of passion, of fire, of love

Even when hide away in shadow
She shows her deep love
She shows us passion
And, if we see, we can learn

That even in the darkest time
When we block ourselves from the light
We do not go black,
Our passion still radiates outward.

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