In a time so long forgotten
You were a part of something
It’s been so long no one knows what it was
But it was something

Then you became part of something new
Less solid, less together
But others like you were near
No longer close
Not touching
But in sight

Change came again
And you were pulled further away
Casting silently away
You still weren’t alone
But there were far less
Further away

Still and silent
Passing through nothing
Wrapped in the lack of it

Unaware you hurdled towards something

Then finally you are noticed
Brilliant light, torn from the heart of a lion
Suddenly you’re tearing through

Eyes finally see you
Beautiful, the majesty of the universe
Showing the exact opposite of the nothing you come from
But it’s too much
You craved so much to be seen
But this last act burns you up

At the end, you know the eyes of children will think you were magic
Wishes coming true
And you know the eyes of the cynical old will know you were just space trash.