Who are we?



Natasha is a warrior poet, exactly the sort of person you want with you during the apocalypse. Able to pull on her vast stores of knowledge and experience, she not only will keep you from dying, she’d strive to keep you alive.

A powerful writer, inspirational poet, passionate activist, skilled herbalist, plant whisperer, wonderful artist, most excellent mother, loving teacher, and the best friend anyone could ask for, Natasha is a perfect example of the infinite depths inside of each of us and the value of being courageous enough to rebel against a world gone mad.

Creator of [The Year of Black Clothing](http://theyearofblackclothing.wordpress.com) and Author of [Liminal](http://www.blackandgreenreview.org/product-page/liminal-a-novella-natasha-alvarez), I am very happy to be collaborating on this project with Natasha.

~ Phil Watts


Phil is an old plastic cup, with a hole in it.

~ Natasha Herr

I can see how this is going to go PHIL WATTS. I did not write “Phil is an old plastic cup.” Lmfao. Phil wrote that about himself, and it’s inaccurate.

But I did write the following ACCURATE description about him:

Every so often you have the pleasure of meeting someone who is wildly intelligent and kind, creative, empathetic and loving, and a good measure self deprecating, who understands the world in a fundamentally passionate kind of way, and recognizes the beauty and the broken-ness in all of it.

Curious, clever, and extremely compassionate, Phil Watts is equal parts wizard and wise man, capable of seeing a larger picture of the world that others too often miss.

Cats love him, children love to climb on him and he lets them, and he does some sort of sorcery with computer systems for a company called Hashicorp that I still can’t exactly explain. He is a woodworker at heart, and a writer, learns new skills with gusto, loves trees, and is happiest spending time with his amazing daughters. He has the ability to make me laugh out loud during even the dimmest of life’s moments.
He is great, but doesn’t always believe he is, and that makes him even greater.

I’m so fucking excited to do this project with him, and can’t wait to see what we come up with. Thanks for being my friend and partner in crime Phil Watts. What is that tiny buffalo? I can’t wait to find out.

-Natasha Herr