Man Under the Crown

He enters a great hall
A simple bronze band adorns His head
All stand for Him

He sits in a seat
Made for Him
It is all for Him
And none of it is for him

He listens

He is strong
He is wise
They need him to be

Some wish He would lead His strength to the field
It is known to him
that They need Him to stay.

They come for his wisdom
They come for his love

he feels every word
he enters every story and explores the fear

When the day is done
All have been heard
He retires to His privacy

When the doors are closed,
When the crown is laid to rest
All that is left is him.

his rooms are not extravagant
his rooms are cold and empty

his solitude is his cell
Each night he will kneel before the altar
Each night he will open the skin of his hands and offer his life to Her

She drinks in the life
She drinks in the offering
She remains stone

After, he thanks Her
Then retires to the cold empty embraces of sleep

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