My ability to talk to fish is of no use to us now.

Do not show up to her feet all sinew and sharp edges,
She is not there to be impressed,
How could you bring her strength?
What can you teach her about unyielding?

She birthed the world,
She summoned fire and earth,
water and air, 
the moon and the stars,
You cannot even fathom hard or rough or tough as she knows them.

But in all her strength and power,
She still holds much water,
Deep and vast frozen rivers.
And she has the same thirst as everything that exists. 

Do not come and lay at her feet the palest imitations of her inner strength,
Instead bring her a smile and a fat belly,
bring her warmth, 
bring her joy and good fortune,
Show her respect, and tenderness,
Show her appreciation,
Be aware.

Come for love,
Come for surrender,
Come for freedom.

Come knowing that your offers will help,
Know it is dangerous,
Know you may be lifted high above the clouds,
Or you may be pulled down and held close.

But both will come from the impartial, timeless, unconditional, cold, cruel, infinitely dispassionate, fiery, passionate love.

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