Hold Very Still

The full moon was yesterday, and today our world is blanketed by a snow storm. Here is a poem I wrote somehow inspired by both of those magical feeling things. Love to all.

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Hold Very Still

By Natasha



Very still

So that your heart beating is the only movement perceptible



A slight thumping

In your chest



And your breath of course



A slow rhythm

The expansion and contraction of your lungs within the

Careful hollow of your ribcage.



And if you hold so still

You may find

That your body sways on it’s own accord

With the memory of movement

It longs to

Experience again



And that the tiny hairs

On the back of your neck

And those brushing your shoulders

Are lifted ever so slightly

By the most gentle of winds

Just arrived

From some long journey

Across oceans

And prairies

And plains

To get to you



In order to deliver you kisses

From desert sands

And the tops of very tall trees

And mountains

And rain sodden valleys

Where soil and water combine

To make clay and the softest mud



And that is so sweet

And important to experience

And understand

Because more than anything

You should know



You are home

You are wanted

And you are loved

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